Common Rehabilitation Function Exercise in Orthopedics (I)

Along with the continuous deepening of the reform of medical care, in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic patients, rehabilitation function exercise has gradually become an important link in the treatment of fractures.It is an important nursing work to accelerate fracture healing and promote the recovery of limb function and establish a good nurse-patient relationship. It guides patients actively cooperate with medical staff in early rehabilitation exercise in patients with fracture healing, and wound limb functional recovery and health of body and mind are all play a positive role.

The ultimate goal of fracture treatment is to restore function.Orthopedics patients perform functional rehabilitation exercises after trauma and surgery to prevent dysfunction of bones, joints, muscles, and soft tissues, and play an active role in promoting functional recovery. Good or bad functional recovery and early functional recovery exercises Have a close relationship Early planned and systematic functional rehabilitation exercises are particularly important throughout the rehabilitation period. Therefore, strengthening the guidance of patients’ early functional rehabilitation exercises is an important part of the treatment of fractures.

1.Reduction, fixation and rehabilitation exercise are the three basic processes of fracture treatment. Reduction and fixation are the core of treatment, and rehabilitation exercise is the guarantee for satisfactory function and curative effect of limbs after fracture. Without correct and active rehabilitation exercises, even if the reduction and fixation are ideal, the functions of the limbs cannot be restored well.

 2. According to relevant data reports, if the affected limb is immobilized for more than 3 weeks, the loose connective tissue around the muscles and joints will become dense connective tissue, which can easily lead to joint contractures. If lying in bed for more than 3-5 weeks, muscle strength will be reduced by half and muscles will appear Atrophy of disuse.

Post time: Nov-13-2020