• Self Adhesive Bandage

    Self Adhesive Bandage

    Self Adhesive bandage is mainly used for external binding and fixation. In addition, it can also be used by sports people who often exercise. The product can be wrapped around the wrist, ankle and other places, which can play a certain protective role.

    • It applied to the medical treatment fixing and wrapping;

    • Prepared for the accidental aid kit and war wound;

    • Used to protect the various training, match, and sports;

    • Field operation, occupational safety protection;

    • Family health self protection and rescue;

    • Animal medical wrapping and animal sport protection;

    • Decoration: owning to it’s convenient use, and brightly colors, it can use as a fair decoration.

  • Tubular Bandage

    Tubular Bandage

    Tubular elastic bandages have excellent versatility and applicability. They can be used on any part of the body.With its unique network structure and operation mode, it can be very close to the patient’s body.

    • Use a wide range: In the polymer bandage plywood fixed, gypsum bandage, auxiliary bandage, compression bandage and splicing plywood as a liner.

    • Soft texture, comfortable, appropriateness. No deformation after high temperature sterilization

    Easy to use, suction, beautiful and gen-erous, does not affect the daily life.

  • Plaster Bandage

    Plaster Bandage

    Plaster Bandage is made by the gauze bandage that goes up pulp, add plaster of Paris powder to make, after soaking through water, can harden in short time finalize the design, have very strong model ability, stability is good.It is used for fixing orthopedic or orthopedic surgery, making moulds, auxiliary appliances for artificial limbs, protective stents for burns, etc., with low price.

  • High elastic bandage

    High elastic bandage

    High-elastic bandage is used for the treatment of work and sports injuries, postoperative care and prevention of recurrence, varicose vein injury and postoperative care and treatment of venous insufficiency.

    High elastic bandage has a high stretch for controllable compression.The permanent elasticity is due to the use of covered polyurethane threads.With selvedges and fixed ends.

    1.Material: 72% polyester,28% rubber

    2.Weight: 80,85,90,95,100,105 gsm etc

    3.Color: Skin color



    6.Packing:individually packed in candy bag, 12rolls/PE bag

    7.Note:personalized specifications as possible as customer’s request

  • Waterproof Padding

    Waterproof Padding

    The waterproof pad is the latest product developed by our company, with high waterproof efficiency, good elasticity and comfortable skin feeling.Let you rest assured bath.

    Features: waterproof, soft, comfortable, heat-insulating

    Application: orthopedics, surgery

    Description: Waterproof padding is an auxiliary product of plaster bandage/casting tape to prevent the patient’s skin from being damaged when the plaster/casting bandage solidifies.

  • PBT Bandage

    PBT Bandage

    PBT Bandage has soft texture, high elasticity and good air permeability, which can improve blood circulation and prevent limb swelling.

  • Silk Tape

    Silk Tape

    Feature:Low Sensitivity,No Irritation,good air permeability,soft,thin,friendly to skin
    Usage: The product is mainly used to fix dressing,needles,catheters and other products

  • Microporous Paper Tape

    Microporous Paper Tape

    Feature:Hypoallergenic,Good air permeability,easy to tear,Good adhesion
    Usage: Fix Gauze and infusion tube,belly button drug fixation,acupoint plaster reinforcement,electronic components fixation

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