• Kinesiology Tape

    Kinesiology Tape

    Feature:High Elasticity,waterproof,good air permeability
    Usage: Apply to skin,Muscles and joints that need to be treated for pain relief,improve circulation and reduce edema;Support and relax soft tissues,improve incorrect movement patterns and enhance joint stability

  • Boob Tape

    Boob Tape

    Feature:Soft cotton fabric,skin friendly,waterproof,moderate adhesion,invisible,good air permeability
    Usage: Gather cheat,close breast,prevent sagging

  • Underwrap


    Feature:Good air permeability,Low sensitivity, Light,thin,easy to tear,no glue coated,no stickiness
    Usage: As sport tape base,wrap sponge bandage before using sports tape, avoid sports tape contact with skin directly, damage to hair.Lower sensitivity

  • Zince Oxide Athletic Tape

    Zince Oxide Athletic Tape

    Feature:Easy to tear on both vertical and horizontal side,high tensile strength,strong adhesion,waterproof,easy to open
    Usage: Enwinding in correct method can provide support and fixation to prevent local sprains,The non-stretching characteristics of tape can limit excessive or abnormal joint movement.Wrapping up cracked fingers,prevent fingers fraying

  • Foot Heel Stick

    Foot Heel Stick

    Feature:Anti-wear and waterproof foam,remove without adhesive,flexible and high elasticity
    Usage: Protect the toes and heel from rubbing by shoes

  • Hockey Tape

    Hockey Tape

    Feature:Wear-resisting,Anti-slip,good adhesion in temperature from -20℃ to 80℃
    Usage: Suitable for ice hockey sports

  • Cross Kinesiology Tape

    Cross Kinesiology Tape

    Feature:Good Air permeability and adhesion,low sensitivity
    Usage: Promote acupoints,skin electromagnetic fluency,adjust muscles and ligaments;Acupucture position fixed;Decrease swelling after mosquito bites

  • Heavy Elastic Adhesive Bandage

    Heavy Elastic Adhesive Bandage

    Feature:It is made of high quality combed cotton cloth,make it more skin friendly and comfortable;stronger adhesive,perspiration breathable;strong tensile resistance
    Usage: Used in heavy sports,such as weightlifting,wrestling Used as a medical fixation