• Fiberglass Roll Splint 

    Fiberglass Roll Splint 

    Fiberglass Roll Splint can be customized and cut to the exact length needed for less waste and cost-effective product use.

    Easy-to-use, delivery system helps ensure freshness of splinting material and reduced waste.

    All-in-one splint allows for easy application and time savings. Faster application increases patient turnaround.

    Less messy than plaster splints for easy application and faster cleanup.

    Provides strong, lightweight support in minutes to encourage early patient mobility.

    Hypoallergenic, water-repellent felt padding dries much more quickly than standard padding.

    Water-repellent padding promotes ease-of-use and faster application.

    Cut-to-length fiberglass splinting material is packaged in an easy-to-use, easy-to-seal system.

  • Orthopedic Casting tape

    Orthopedic Casting tape

    Our Orthopedic Casting tape, no solvent, friendly to the environment, easy to operate, fast curing, good shaping performance, light weight, high hardness, good waterproof, clean and hygienic ,Excellent X-ray radiolucence:Excellent X-ray radiolucence make it convenient to take X-ray photos and to check the bone healing without removing the bandage,or the plaster need to remove it.

  • FFP2 KN95 N95 Face Mask

    FFP2 KN95 N95 Face Mask

    1.4ply-5ply design to successfully prevent dust and bacteria

    2.Material :pp nonwoven, active carbon(optional), soft cotton, melt blown filter, valve(optional)

    3.With inhalation valve to avoid bacteria and dust

    4.Packing 20pcs/box,400pcs/carton, as well as can be per customers require

    5.Certificates ISO/CE etc relative certificates & test reports.

    6. we also have many other styles ,like no valve style, active carbon styles,adjustable ear band styles and so on…

  • Covid-19 Test Kit

    Covid-19 Test Kit

    One-tube technology, extraction within 30minutes

    Up to 96 samples at one time

    Simple operation process, no need long term staff training

    Room temperature nucleic acid lysis, No heating

    Direct sample types include: Nasal, Throat, and Nasopharyngeal swabs

    Enhance screening efficiency

  • Medical Cutter Surgical Gauze Bandage Scissors

    Medical Cutter Surgical Gauze Bandage Scissors

    The Medelast stainless steel scissors are made by fine quality stainless steel or plated carbon steel.

    It is used in first aid kits for emergency use.

  • Cumet Tct Saw Blade for Cutting Wood Power Tools

    Cumet Tct Saw Blade for Cutting Wood Power Tools

    100% brand new.
    High speed steel saw blade set.
    Ideal for cutting hard materials like wood, plastics, laminates and aluminium, etc.
    Suitable for use in carpentry and crafts.

  • Good Quality Agricultural Steel Shovel Head Steel Shovel

    Good Quality Agricultural Steel Shovel Head Steel Shovel


    Material of shovel head

    Carbon steel

    Surface treatment


    Color of shovel


    Weight of shovel




  • Industrial Safety Fire Resistant Workwear Clothing

    Industrial Safety Fire Resistant Workwear Clothing

    Product name  Fireman Fire Fighting Fireproof Fire Resistant Cloths
    Standard EN 469
    Outer Shell Material 93% m-aramid, 5% p-aramid 2%anti-static fabric,  200gsm, 6oz
    Certificate CE
    Moisture barrier Non-Woven Aramid + PTFE
    Thermal Barrier 85% Aramid fiber 1313 and 15% Aramid fiber 1414
    Inner Lining 50% aramid fiber and 50% viscose
    Features Flame retardation, heat-resisting, waterproof, steam permeability, comfortable inner, the outer layer having static electricity prevention, acid-resisting and alkali-resisting, high temperature preventing, good thermal stability, etc
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