• Waterproof Cast&Wound Protector 26 inch

    Waterproof Cast&Wound Protector 26 inch

    1.Helps protect casts,bandages or wounds while showering 2.Easy,ONE-HANDED APPLICATION 3.Not made with natural rubber latex 4.Reusable 5.Protects knee,leg or foot 6.Keeps limb dry 7.Single-patient use only 8.Fits most adults 5ft-6ft3 in(1.5-1.9m)tall 9.Protector length 26 in(66cm) 10.Unique opening stretches to fit over the cast and then regains its original shape to fit tightly
  • High elastic bandage

    High elastic bandage

    High-elastic bandage is used for the treatment of work and sports injuries, postoperative care and prevention of recurrence, varicose vein injury and postoperative care and treatment of venous insufficiency.

    High elastic bandage has a high stretch for controllable compression.The permanent elasticity is due to the use of covered polyurethane threads.With selvedges and fixed ends.

    1.Material: 72% polyester,28% rubber

    2.Weight: 80,85,90,95,100,105 gsm etc

    3.Color: Skin color



    6.Packing:individually packed in candy bag, 12rolls/PE bag

    7.Note:personalized specifications as possible as customer’s request

  • Plaster Bandage

    Plaster Bandage

    Plaster Bandage is made by the gauze bandage that goes up pulp, add plaster of Paris powder to make, after soaking through water, can harden in short time finalize the design, have very strong model ability, stability is good.It is used for fixing orthopedic or orthopedic surgery, making moulds, auxiliary appliances for artificial limbs, protective stents for burns, etc., with low price.

  • Waterproof Padding

    Waterproof Padding

    The waterproof pad is the latest product developed by our company, with high waterproof efficiency, good elasticity and comfortable skin feeling.Let you rest assured bath.

    Features: waterproof, soft, comfortable, heat-insulating

    Application: orthopedics, surgery

    Description: Waterproof padding is an auxiliary product of plaster bandage/casting tape to prevent the patient’s skin from being damaged when the plaster/casting bandage solidifies.

  • Tubular Bandage

    Tubular Bandage

    Tubular elastic bandages have excellent versatility and applicability. They can be used on any part of the body.With its unique network structure and operation mode, it can be very close to the patient’s body.

    • Use a wide range: In the polymer bandage plywood fixed, gypsum bandage, auxiliary bandage, compression bandage and splicing plywood as a liner.

    • Soft texture, comfortable, appropriateness. No deformation after high temperature sterilization

    Easy to use, suction, beautiful and gen-erous, does not affect the daily life.

  • Blood bag

    Blood bag

     Hot Sale Medical Consumables Disposable Sterile Blood Bag for Blood Collection Single Double Triple Quadruple

    Hot-Sale-Medical-Consumables-Disposable-Sterile-Blood-Bag-for-Blood-Collection-Single-Double-Triple-Quadruple (2) Hot-Sale-Medical-Consumables-Disposable-Sterile-Blood-Bag-for-Blood-Collection-Single-Double-Triple-Quadruple (3)

    1. Material Medical grade PVC
    2. Moulding Technics Rolled
    3. Volume 250ml, 350ml, 450ml, 500ml
    4. Bag numbers Single, double, triple, quadruple
    5. Certificates CE, ISO 13485, GMP
    6. Sterile Methods Steam
    7. Features *Highly transparent Medical virgin grade PVC material,Sterile,non-toxic,non-pyrogenic
    *High quality, peel-resistant label provides for convenient writing
    * Ultra-thin walled 16G Venipuncture needle is optimal for reducing donor pain
    *Soft twist-off needle cover provides excellent tamper-evidence
    *Easy to break off the valve allows plasma transfer to both directions freely
    *Rounded corners minimize the volume of blood lost in processing
    *Safe and easy-to-open out-let port design provides protection from contamination
    8. Specifications 1. Disposable Rolled PVC blood bag
    2. Sterilized by steam, non-toxic, pyrogen-free
    3. Single, double, triple, quadruple
    4. Filled with anticoagulant solution or empty
    5. Primary Bag capacity available in 150ml to 500ml
    6. Satellite Bag capacity available in 100ml to 450ml
    7. Donor needle gauge size: metal or plastic needle at 16G or 17G
    8. Package: Individual PE or PET vacuum pouch, 3 or 5sets/foil pouch, 60 or 100sets per carton
    9. Optional 1. Type of Anticoagulant solution: CPDA-1, CPD, SAGM or as clients request
    2. Attached Blood Sampling device
    3. Needle Protector
    4. “Y” injection port
    5. In-line Leukocyte Reduction Filter
    6. Platelet Storage Bag (platelet storage for 3 to 5 days or up to 5 days)
    7. Type of outlet Ports (twist off or tear off)
    8. Volume of primary bag and satellite bags optional
    9. Customize design welcomed

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    Hot-Sale-Medical-Consumables-Disposable-Sterile-Blood-Bag-for-Blood-Collection-Single-Double-Triple-Quadruple (1)




    Disposable Plastic Blood Collection Bags/CPDA-1 Blood Bag/ CPD Blood Bag/SAGM Blood Bag/Blood Transfusion bag/Single Blood Bag/Double Blood Bag/Triple Blood Bag/Quadruple Blood Bag for blood donation, collection and storage.


    Single bag


    Single bag is used for collection of whole blood with anticoagulant CPDA-1 solutions USP.

    This single system with a primary bag contains anti-coagulant CPDA-1 (citrate-phosphate-Dextrose-Adenine) which preserves red blood cells up to 35 days at 2° C-6° C.

    Factroy Show and Shipping
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    Contact Information!

  • Feeding Bag

    Feeding Bag

    Sterile Medical Nutrition Gravity Enteral Feeding Bag

    Product Description
    enteral feeding bag specification:
    Size: 500ml, 1000ml, 1200ml
    Available for pump using and gravity using
    Packed in individual PE Bag

  • Urine bag

    Urine bag

    Medical Disposable Drainage Urine Bags

    Drainage bag with 90cm inlet tube,with non return valve ,with T-tap outlet,sterilized in PE pouch.


    Drainage bag with 90cm inlet tube,with non return valve ,with screw outlet,sterilized in PE pouch

    Medical-2000ml-Adult-Sterile-Economic-Disposable-Urine-Bag (5)

    Drainage bag with 90cm inlet tube,with non return valve ,with pull-push outlet,sterilized in PE pouch

    Can also have no outlet.

    Can also packed in  paper + PE pouch
    AC07084001 Disposable urine bag, without Outlet valve 2000ml, tube O.D:6.5MM, Tube length 900mm
    AC07084002 Disposable urine bag, without Outlet valve 1500ml, tube O.D:6.5MM, Tube length 900mm
    AC07084011 Disposable urine bag, Pull-push outlet valve 2000ml, tube O.D:6.5MM, Tube length 900mm
    AC07084012 Disposable urine bag, Pull-push outlet valve 1500ml, tube O.D:6.5MM, Tube length 900mm
    AC07084021 Disposable urine bag, cross outlet valve 2000ml, tube O.D:6.5MM, Tube length 900mm
    AC07084022 Disposable urine bag, cross outlet valve 1500ml, tube O.D:6.5MM, Tube length 900mm
    AC07084031 Disposable urine bag, Screw outlet valve 2000ml, tube O.D:6.5MM, Tube length 900mm


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