Disposable shoe cover for cow farming

Short Description:

Name: Disposable PE shoe cover

Size : 15*40cm

Thickness: 0.002mm

Weight: 220g /1 pc

Packing: 5pcs /one bunch

Product Detail


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Bastion PE boot covers|Polyethylene Boot Covers|Boot Cover PPE

Our OEM shoe covers are of good quality with competitive prices.

Our factory mainly makes long shoe covers, which can be made of Rubber elastic or lace-up shoe covers.

The specification has S, M, L sizes. The materials can also be made of HDPE, LDPE, CPE, and TPE shoe covers.

The thickness can be from 0.020mm to 0.10mm.

The colors can be transparent, blue, or produced according to the color specified by the clients.

Our factory can make 5,000,000 shoe covers with elastic per month. We have a big team for making elastic,

and the daily production capacity is very large to meet our clients, requirements for production capacity.

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