Jeremy Guan, general manager of Huaian ASN medical technology CO., LTD gave relevant the leaders of Huai’an District Technology Bureau who came to our company for investigation and research a warmly welcome On August 26th. The relevant leaders of Technology Bureau listened to the introduction of our company’s production and development, visited our company's production workshop and learned more about our company's independent innovation, scientific research and development, scientific research talents and so on.

After listening to the situation of our company, they had a meeting with our company’s general manager Jeremy Guan and responsible persons of relevant departments of the company to understand the difficulties our company encountered in the innovation and development and What other services do companies need from the government, so that enterprises can better enhance their technological innovation capabilities and promote their technological innovation development.

On behalf of the company, General Manager Jeremy welcomed the leaders of the District  Technology Bureau and thanked for its strong support. Jeremy said that today's achievements of ASN Medical are inseparable from the nation’s preferential policies for entrepreneurship and scientific and technological support, as well as the long-term care and help of government departments, he hopes that government departments at all levels can continue to support ASN Medical becomes bigger and stronger, we will continue to work hard to make greater contributions to the prosperity of the local economy.

The leaders of the District Science and Technology Bureau fully affirmed the development of our company's scientific and technological work and hope that ASN Medical could make persistent efforts to do more projects and achieve more results.

Responsible persons of relevant departments of our company accompanied the whole visit for investigation.

Post time: Sep-22-2020