Fiberglass Repair Tape

Short Description:

Designed to fix and repair.It can fix swiffer,tools,pipes,chairs,Automotive,Plumbing, Hose, Emergency, DIY,fishing polls,high-voltage lines.

Features and Benefits

Leak proof

Stronger than duct tape


Water proof

Rapid cure time

High voltage resistant

Alkaline resistant


Product Detail


Product Tags


 • Catalyst: Water

 • Resin Makeup: Polyurethane

 • Heat Resistance: 180°C

 • Pressure: 2175 PSI

 • Bonds: Copper pipe, PVC, polypipe, metal, fibreglass

 • Set Time: 20– 30 minutes, sets under water

 • Chemical resistance: Most diluted chemicals and fuels

 1.Resists cold and hot temperatures

 2.Easy to apply, no mixing or messy clean up

 3.Resistan to water, acid, salts, or soil organics

 4.Can be applied underwater or to wet surfaces

 5.Quick, long term protective coating, ready for immediate service

 6.Non-toxic and acceptable for portable water lines


Technical Data

 ♦ Useable life: 2-3 minutes, depending on temperature of water and pipework

  ♦ Intial cure time: 5 minutes

  ♦ Full cure time: 30minutes

  ♦ Shore D hardness: 70

  ♦ Tensile strength: 30-35Mpa

  ♦ Tensile modulus: 7.5Gpa

  ♦ Maximum service temperature: 180° C

  ♦ Pressure resistance:400 psi (Min wrapping 15 layers around cracked/leaking area)


1. Once the leaking area is identified, shut down relevant pipes or hoses immediately.  Prepare the surface by cle aning and roughening the pipe.

2.Put on enclosed latex gloves. Apply Steel Putty to the leak site and mould. 

3.Open foil pouch and immerse bandage in temperate fresh water for 5~10 seconds.The entire contents must be used once the package is opened. 

4.  Apply around the damaged area extending up to 50mm either side of the leak to ensure complete coverage.

5. As curing begins once it is taken out of the water. Whilst wrapping, pull each layer tightly by using your hand to mould and squeeze the layers 

together. Continue this action during and upon completion. 

Packing & Shipping

Packing:        Carton packaging

Delivry time:  within 3 weeks from order confirmation date

Shipping:       By sea/air/express

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