• Orthopedic Precut Splint

    Orthopedic Precut Splint

    Orthopedic Splint, fracture splint, splint with short immersion time and high strength, light weight, light permeability, air permeability, easy to operate, comfortable, fast curing time, good air permeability, no dust, antibacterial and deodorization, various specifications, easy to disassemble.

    Curing Speed It ossifies in 3-5 minutes after open the package and could bear weight after 20 minutes,But plaster bandage need 24 hours for full concretion.

  • Fiberglass Roll Splint 

    Fiberglass Roll Splint 

    Fiberglass Roll Splint can be customized and cut to the exact length needed for less waste and cost-effective product use.

    Easy-to-use, delivery system helps ensure freshness of splinting material and reduced waste.

    All-in-one splint allows for easy application and time savings. Faster application increases patient turnaround.

    Less messy than plaster splints for easy application and faster cleanup.

    Provides strong, lightweight support in minutes to encourage early patient mobility.

    Hypoallergenic, water-repellent felt padding dries much more quickly than standard padding.

    Water-repellent padding promotes ease-of-use and faster application.

    Cut-to-length fiberglass splinting material is packaged in an easy-to-use, easy-to-seal system.